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10/29/12 Updates Empty 10/29/12 Updates

Post by Alias J on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:34 pm

Sorry I haven't been on lately, the storm knocked out my cousins power while I was visiting and it had just came back on. However, this situation had made me realize something.

We need to ramp up production so that I can start hiring leaders to help me run things in time of absence. Therefore when I get enough people tested and allocated into their squads, I'm going to recruit leaders for the squads to help me run things. These people would be responsible for all the people in their squad and reporting to me on member affairs so I can make changes in order to keep people around.

The golden number is 20 members tested and in squads, so all blood rites members that haven't come to me for their explanation on what I'm looking for when it comes to testing, need to come to me ASAP.

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