11/13/12 Progress Update

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11/13/12 Progress Update Empty 11/13/12 Progress Update

Post by Alias J on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:01 pm

I see that my progress as slowed down by a lot. Most of it is due to Midterm preparations due to the 2 weeks of school closures on the upper east coast caused by the storm.

-In any event, my email is aliasj1122@aol.com, if you guys get a new member and message me thru here. I'll be able to respond to them and get them all tested and stuff.

-For my proctors, I need you to be looking for new members to be added to our organization. I also need more activity from you guys on the site, you guys are the one I'm looking at for leader positions

I'm sorry for the convenience, when I get through these next couple of weeks I should be on regularly again.

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