10/24/12 A couple of general things

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10/24/12 A couple of general things Empty 10/24/12 A couple of general things

Post by Alias J on Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:28 pm

Well, thanks to all of you guys, Shadow Assassins is starting to blossom into a good looking Duel team as well as an Academy and for that I thank you all. But here's a couple of things you can do.

-In the forum for "General Chat", I'm starting to see some of you guys are posting under the greetings column, I like this, I would like for everyone to take advantage of that column so we can all get more friendly and casual around each other and so that all of you can get to know each other. A duel team/academy doesn't work well without communication!

-Check the News and Updates section often to get some general information of what's going on in your team. I would hate to have you guys in the dark about things that will be taking place in SA.

-Ask your friends if they are interested in joining SA, from personal experience I know I usually feel more comfortable when I have some of my close friends around because I feel comfortable. As I hope to establish this level of comfort with all of you, that first step might to be letting me see what your like in a natural nature with you friends.

-In general we need more members, so if you find any duelers that are friendly(regardless of skill level) ask them if they are interested in joining us, remember, the worst thing they can say is no and you can't force us upon them.

Ok, now some updates that are going to occur soon when we really get started

-I'm going to start holding tournaments for prizes and fun mini games, also we could start having team battles with other teams to prove our strength.

-Soon, I'm going to start looking for active people to give certain ranks and titles to to help me run SA. So strive to be your best everyday.

I'm thanking all of you in advance, long live the Shadow Assassins!
J Smile

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