3/12 Things that need to be done!!

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3/12 Things that need to be done!! Empty 3/12 Things that need to be done!!

Post by Alias J on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:53 pm

- there are still people that haven't been tested yet, please contact me on dueling network [ my name being Alias J] to find out when is the earliest time you can be tested for your rank and dorm assignment.

- a couple of events are soon going to take place, one of which going to be an acedemy battle, I need everyone tested before I cango through with some of these events. So if your not tested this is me stressing again, CONTACT ME.

- some of the members of blood rites will be personally contacted over a private message on being tested for there entry into shadow rites, this will take place sometime this weekend or next week. More information into this topic will be given in the private message you may or may not receive.

For now this is all, happy dueling
Also, thanking you in advance!
J Smile

3/12 Things that need to be done!! OneBanner
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